I was blessed from birth with a vivid imagination and a wandering (and wondering…) nature! I am a self taught artist and have experimented for many years with a variety of materials and subject matters. As an artist and adventurer, I spent over 20 years living, working and playing on the Nature Island of Dominica in the West Indies!

During that time, I built a very successful business designing, creating and selling my hand made Christmas ornaments to the local and regional tourist markets. I became known in the region as the “Santa Lady” as evidenced by my passion for creating original Caribbean Santa Sculptures.

I returned to Canada to live in 2003. (“Why would I do something so silly?” you might ask, but this is a saga on its own so we’ll leave that for now. Just know that I was kicking and screaming all the way!) .

Re-establishing myself and my business in Canada has opened new avenues for me and I’ve discovered a myriad of sculptural materials that simply were not available in the Caribbean.

I’ve always been drawn to fables, folklore and fantasy and enjoy portraying my caricatures with as much whimsy as possible. I would like to encourage the viewer to imagine  different times, places and  dimensions in an otherwise predictable life!

I treasure a Spirit that refuses to grow old.........I believe my work reflects this!